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Capital investment

Secured a total of

£ 570 m

investment for 100 potential Local Growth Fund projects

96 LGF Projects

have been awarded funding by SELEP Accountability Board

£ 283 m

Local Growth Fund spend to date


Jobs delivered to date.


Homes delivered to date.


Local Growth Fund (LGF) project completions.

Local Growth Fund

£570m of investment to East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Southend and Thurrock In total the SELEP Growth Deal with Government has brought nearly £600m of investment to East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Southend and Thurrock.

The deal and brings new responsibilities and flexibilities and is set to attract a further £960 million extra investment into the South East over the five years.

Local Growth Deal 1

In July 2014 the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) secured £442.1m from the Government’s Local Growth Fund (Round 1) to support economic growth in the area.

The Growth Deal brings together local, national and private funding, and new freedoms and flexibilities, to focus on four key priority areas identified in SELEP’s Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) helping to renew the physical and intellectual capital of the South East:

  • Enhancing transport connectivity
  • Increasing business support and productivity
  • Raising local skill levels
  • Supporting housing and development
Local Growth Deal 2

In January 2015 the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) agreed an expansion to its Growth Deal with the Government adding an extra £46.1m to its allocation. This is in addition to the £442.2m of funding committed by the Government on 7 July 2014.

Local Growth Deal 3

In February 2017 Government confirmed an allocation of investment into the South East LEP (SELEP) area of £102.65 million, Round 3 of the Growth Deal Programme. The allocation of Local Growth Fund Round 3 will help deliver projects identified by SELEP Federated Boards as priorities for investment, projects that will help create jobs, support businesses and create new growth opportunities.

LGF 3B update

SELEP received an enormous amount of interest in its latest LGF 3B funding round.

In total, 60 Strategic Outline Business Cases were submitted. An initial assessment was undertaken by SELEP’s Independent Technical Evaluator to consider all projects submitted to SELEP. The draft technical assessment information report can be found here. This technical feedback document sets out Steer’s draft findings following their initial assessment of the projects

Follow up technical discussions have been organised between Steer and each of the project promoters for the 60 projects. These meetings have provided the opportunity for Steer to give feedback on each of the projects and for the scheme promoters to respond to the findings of the assessment. The technical feedback document will be updated, where required, based on clarifications provided through these meetings and additional information which has been provided by scheme promoters.

Evaluation and funding awards

Whilst it was originally intended that the SELEP Investment Panel would be convened on the 7th December 2018, Board members decided to delay this meeting to enable more time for the in depth review of the applications, given the number of requests for funding which were received.

Following the postponement of the Investment Panel in December 2018, it has been rescheduled for Friday 8th March 2019 from 10:00 – 12:00 at High House Production Park. The Terms of Reference for the Panel, as agreed by the Strategic Board, are available on here.

The papers for the Investment Panel will also be informed by the outcome of various funding decisions due to be taken at the Accountability Board meeting on the 15th February 2019. Decisions at the Accountability Board will inform the amount of LGF underspend available to support LGF3b projects.

A single pipeline of projects

The development of SELEP’s LGF3b investment pipeline (pipeline of projects) will inform future funding decisions, as projects included in SELEP’s investment pipeline will be considered for Local Growth Fund as underspend becomes available.

As such, we can demonstrate that our investment programme will achieve high value for money for spend of tax payers money. Furthermore, this puts us in a strong position to bid for future funding from Central Government, given the clear demand for infrastructure investment in our area.

The final ranked list will be updated based on the updated technical assessment and published one week in advance of the Investment Panel meeting.

Thank you

SELEP would like to thank all partners for the considerable time, energy and effort committed to the LGF3b processes. The substantial amount of work which has gone into the development of business cases and the ongoing discussions is evident and has made for a highly competitive bidding round.

Timeline to date
  • 14th January – SELEP to circulate the detailed scheme technical information, to provide feedback on a scheme by scheme basis.
  • 14th January to 1st February – Opportunity for scheme promoters/federated areas to provide local clarification in response to the ITE assessment  (meetings/calls will be organised with scheme promoters – we’ll be in touch with local partners to discuss dates for these meetings)
Next steps
  • 1st February – deadline for written comments from local partners in response to the technical feedback provided by the Independent Technical Evaluator
  • 1st – 28th February 2019 – Steer to update  their technical assessment based on the additional clarification through the local engagement
  • 15th February – Accountability Board will take place, with a number of decisions due to be considered at this meeting which will help inform the amount of LGF underspend available
  • 28th February – Investment Panel papers to be published, included updated ranked list based on the technical assessment
  • 8th March  – Investment Panel meeting at High House Production Park from 10:00 – 12:00

The SELEP is committed to adhering to the UK Government Funded Local Growth Fund ProjectsBranding and Communication Guidelines.

For more details please contact Rhiannon Mort

Growing Places Fund

GPF loan repayments have started to be made from these initial Round 1 GPF loan investments which has enabled eight projects to be identified for further loan investment. These projects were identified by SELEP Federated Boards as meeting the GPF eligibility criteria aligning with the following five themes:

  • Employment and Skills
  • Job creation and Enterprise Zones
  • Homes, Communities and Culture
  • Strategic Connectivity
  • SELEP Sector Group Activities including Transport & Strategic Infrastructure, Coastal Communities, Creative, Growth Hub, Housing, Rural, Skills (Further Education and Higher Education) and Tourism.
Re-investment of £9.3m GPF until 2019/20

In November 2017 the SELEP Strategic Board agreed to prioritise the re-investment of £9.3m GPF until 2019/20 in eight new GPF projects. These eight GPF Round 2 projects will now get underway as the funding becomes available through the repayment of existing GPF loans. For all GPF Round 2 projects, final approval of the GPF loan award is required by SELEP Accountability Board following the Independent Technical Evaluator review of the Project Business Case.