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Tendring Bikes and Cycle Infrastructure


Approval Status


Fully Approved

Delivery Status


GBF Project Delivered

Project Completion Date


Summer 2023

The project will deliver a bespoke bike scheme and cycle network infrastructure within Jaywick Sands and Clacton aimed at tackling inequality within one of the most deprived areas of the country by:

  • Making significant improvements to the cycle way between Jaywick and Clacton by making new cycle ways, widening existing routes, and by providing improved signage, lighting and drainage. This will allow cyclists in Jaywick to connect to roads and cycle paths in Clacton to allow access to the Station and on to the Business and Industrial Estates of Clacton.  It will also allow students to access schools and colleges with the aim of improving skills level in the area; and
  • Working with community organisations in Jaywick to provide a bike loan scheme (Big Essex Cycles), along similar lines to the Birmingham Active Wellbeing Society scheme, whereby bikes are loaned to local residents for an initial period of one year to create the opportunity to cycle to the station in Clacton and places of work – primarily in Clacton at the Gorse Lane and Bull Hill Industrial Estates, the new commercial workspace in Jaywick and the town centre itself.

At the Accountability Board on 11 February 2022 it was agreed that GBF funding can be retained against the Project beyond 31 March 2022 for a maximum period of 6 months.

Award of additional GBF funding

A new GBF prioritised pipeline was established to support projects experiencing cost increases due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit or due to high inflation levels, or seeking to extend the original project to support further phases of an existing project was agreed by the Strategic Board in October 2022.

The project was included on the new GBF projects pipeline and the award of an additional £300,200 was approved by the Accountability Board on 27 January 2023.

Further, at the 13 April 2023 Accountability Board meeting it was agreed that GBF can be retained against the project until 30 June 2023.

Project Outputs/Outcomes
Roads, cycle lanes and walkways maintained/built (km) 5
Jobs Created 60

£85m of investment to East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Southend and Thurrock

The Getting Building Fund focuses on projects that can progress quickly and that will stimulate and better integrate economies in some of the most economically impacted and COVID-affected parts of the South East.

£85m of Getting Building Fund investment has been secured, enabling delivery of 45 projects across East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Southend and Thurrock.

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Funding value: £2,600,200
Total Project cost: £2,700,200
Return to Capital Investment