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Carbon Pathways (C-Path)


Carbon Pathway (C-Path) is a dynamic cloud-based resource that will be used to design, facilitate, accelerate and monitor investment in the Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Economy (LCREE), in partnership with and accessible to public and private bodies across the SELEP region. Focussed on supporting initiatives across all four federated areas, C-Path includes:

  1. An accessible and constantly evolving data store of multiple relevant data sources, with automated, scheduled updates.
  2. A flexible build and appraisal tool enabling stakeholders to develop & invest in energy and related schemes to meet challenging policy and strategic goals.
  3. Modelling and machine-learning to forecast the full range of impacts – e.g. economic growth, carbon reduction, financial impact, job creation, fuel poverty and local health.
  4. Automated programme appraisal to enable the monitoring and updating of a scheme in delivery mode, ensuring real-time reporting of actual impacts and a continuous cycle of learning.

Sector Support Fund

The Sector Support Fund (SSF) was established to support one-off, discrete pieces of work of a pan-LEP nature with a sector focus that bring demonstrable benefit and which have support across the LEP area.

The SSF used Growing Places Fund (GPF) Revenue grant to fund a programme of works which supported the sector focussed activities being undertaken on a pan-LEP basis and which were predominantly led by the SELEP working groups.

Funding value: £99,061
Total Project cost: £141,516
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