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A289 Four Elms Roundabout to Medway Tunnel Journey time and Network Improvements

The aim of the scheme

To ensure a highway network between the M2 J1 and the Medway Tunnel which can deliver the desired housing growth and to alleviate current delays exiting Medway City Estate.

The scheme involves improvements to the three roundabouts (Four Elms, Sans Pareil and Anthonys Way roundabouts) on the A289 corridor between Four Elms roundabout and the Medway Tunnel.

The overall objective is to provide a highway network which is able to support the regeneration on the Hoo Peninsula and the Isle of Grain.

Location of the Scheme

The scheme consists of three roundabouts (Four Elms, Sans Pareil and Anthony’s Way) on the A289 corridor between M2 junction 1 and the Medway Tunnel. This corridor meets the corridor of the A228 from the Hoo Peninsula to Strood between the Four Elms and Sans Pareil.

This area is on the western edge of the Medway built-up area with its population of approaching 250,000. This is shown in Figure 2. The peninsula is established as an area of growth, established in SEEDA’s vision for the Thames Gateway. Improvements have already been made on the A228 through third-party contribution.

Funding value: £11.1m
Total Project cost: £11.564m
Return to Capital Investment