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The SELEP Social Enterprise Working Group is a cross sector partnership working collaboratively to promote social enterprises as significant providers of local and inclusive employment opportunities and delivering local impact.

We aim to develop the size and diversity of social enterprises by support them to start, sustain and scale.

In 2019, the Working Group developed the Social East Social Enterprise Prospectus which outlines out seven priorities to develop the sector across SELEP:

  1. Providing a wide range of business support
  2. Coordinating information on the sector
  3. Promoting networking opportunities
  4. Engaging the procurement and commissioning agendas
  5. Encouraging access to suitable finance
  6. Improving promotion of the sector
  7. Measuring social impact

SELEP’s Economic Recovery & Renewal Strategy further emphasises the importance of social enterprises in supporting business resilience and growth, delivering a skilled workforce, supporting equality and promoting greater resilience in our places.

SELEP Social Enterprise Working Group Paper

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Social Enterprise Prospectus


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