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Free Careers guidance uses Artificial Intelligence to map next steps and recommendations for those most in need

FutureFit AI is the ‘GPS for Work and Education pathways’. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) – FutureFit AI helps people make faster, smarter and more successful career transitions. FutureFit’s AI platform is one of the world’s most comprehensive and granular data maps on work, skills, talent and learning. Its AI models are purpose-built and use research-backed prediction, recommendation and matchmaking algorithms focused squarely on the future of work, skills, talent and learning.

The Digital Skills Partnership (DSP) from the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) has partnered with AI-powered intelligence platform FutureFit AI to offer 100 South East residents free access to FutureFit’s careers guidance platform until the end of January 2021, as part of the LEP’s efforts to bolster skills and training for adults in the wake of the impact caused by COVID-19.

SELEP and the South East DSP have teamed up with the career intelligence and guidance platform to support residents who have been impacted by recent furloughs or redundancies. One hundred members of the South East community will receive free access to FutureFit AI’s platform, which will profile their skills and interests, recommend in-demand careers, and build a personalised roadmap including job, learning and skill recommendations. Participants will also benefit from a free virtual career coaching session from FutureFit AI.

Individuals can register their interest by emailing hello@futurefit.aiwith “SELEP Skills Partnership” in the subject line.

South East DSP Coordinator James Wilkinson said:

“We’re really excited to be working with the team at FutureFit AI to get this opportunity out to residents affected by the COVID outbreak, helping them to better understand their skills gaps, the career pathways open to them in the South East and, thanks to FutureFit AI’s datasets and resulting insight, the real-time opportunities.”

FutureFit AI founder and CEO Hamoon Ekhtiari said:

“The South East Digital Skills Partnership is exactly the type of model and approach that is necessary to help people deal with impacts of COVID as well as broader disruptions to the labour market by combining regional depth and context with global tools and resources through efforts like this.

“As the AI-powered Career GPS platform, FutureFit AI is excited to partner with SELEP to help bring personalized pathway mapping and navigation to those who need it most while helping identify the best resources from Coursera’s extensive catalogue to help them achieve their next career goal.”

The South East DSP has been holding events and working with several companies to provide the best support to the South East’s residents during the pandemic. It recently partnered with leading online Higher Education learning platform Coursera to provide free, online learning resources to 10,000 users across the South East.

SELEP also recently held the first ever Skills Advisory Panel and Digital Skills Partnership Annual Conference, with more than 200 participants taking part across the day to hear from a range of renowned experts in a multitude of fields. The keynote address for the virtual conference was given by Debbie Forster MBE, CEO of Tech Talent Charter, who gave an inspirational account of her professional journey that has led her to championing for diversity in the workplace.

SELEP and the South East DSP will also soon be launching its brand-new South East Skills website to provide a one-stop repository of skills and digital training opportunities, guidance and information for both learners and learning providers. This new website will feature the most up-to-date information on apprenticeships, T-Levels, local courses and SELEP’s various partnerships to provide support to residents looking to learn, reskill and venture into new career paths.