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Strategic Economic Plan Consultation

The South East LEP is currently refreshing its Strategic Economic Plan. So far we have drawn evidence from local authority economic development plans and have met with both public and private sector partners, authorities and organisations from across the area, asking important questions to help strike up challenging and innovative discussions.

We would like to hear your views and ask you/your organisation to respond to some or all of the following questions:

  1. What particular evidence should we draw on to develop a compelling SEP narrative?
  2. What are the main strategic assets of the SELEP economy?
  3. How can we invest in these assets to achieve a source of international competitive advantage?
  4. How can investment in these assets help maximise their contribution to economic growth?
  5. How can we invest in our strategic assets to help reduce their long term dependency on the public purse?
  6. What can the LEP and partners do better together in the future to maximise economic growth in the SELEP area?
  7. What existing and new partnerships are needed to maximise the potential of these assets?
  8. How should we prioritise challenges/barriers that are holding back the local economy and what actions should be taken to overcome these?;
  9. Which projects do you consider to be a future priority?

Deadline for submissions is Friday 8th September 2017. Please contact the team directly by emailing us via