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M2 Junction 5 improvements, Sittingbourne


Approval Status


Fully Approved 

Delivery Status


Construction In Progress

Expected Completion Date


Winter 2024/25

The project consists of a major junction improvement at the junction of the A249 with the M2 (Junction 5). The A249 is a road managed by the Local Authority carrying substantial vehicle volumes, serving strategic traffic and linking the two major economic hubs of Maidstone and Sittingbourne. It is a key link between the M2 and M20 motorways for traffic heading from the Midlands and North to the Channel ports. The A249 leads to the Port of Sheerness at its easternmost extent.

The current M2 Junction 5/A249 Stockbury Roundabout cannot cope with existing traffic flows. At certain times of day, there are high levels of congestion and delay on the A249 southbound (towards Maidstone), northbound (towards Sittingbourne) and on the approaches to the junction and on the exit slip road from the M2 westbound (towards Stockbury Roundabout).  Congestion is expected to worsen in the future due to planned development and population growth. The project will deliver a number of improvements to the junction, including the construction of a flyover which will allow free-flowing travel on the A249.  There will also be improvements to the existing slip roads. The project aims to:

  • improve journey times: the proposed improvements will reduce delays meaning people will have quicker and more reliable journeys;
  • make journeys safer: improving the junction will improve safety for all road users; and
  • support economic growth: increasing capacity at the junction will support the future housing and employment growth in the area.

Funding approval

The project was considered by Accountability Board on 14th February 2020 and the decision was made to approve the award of £1.6m LGF funding to this project, subject to Kent County Council providing written confirmation:
  • of the Secretary of State for Transport’s approval of the Project following Public Inquiry;
  • that the Highways England Project Business Case confirms that the Project presents high value for money, with a benefit cost ratio of over 2:1; and
  • that the full funding package is in place to deliver the Project.

If Kent County Council are unable to demonstrate that the Project meets these funding conditions, the Board will be asked to agree that the LGF funding be reallocated to the next project on the LGF3b project pipeline.

The Public Inquiry was held in November and December 2020. Following the inquiry, a decision is expected from the Secretary of State in 2021.

Project Update

At the Accountability Board meeting in September 2020 the Board were asked to note that the Project has now received approval from the Secretary of State for Transport which satisfies the conditions attached to the transfer of the LGF funding.

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Funding value: £1,600,000
Total Project cost: £94,500,000
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