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M11 Junction 8 Improvements

Junction 8 of the M11 is currently operating at capacity and already experiences significant queuing on some arms at peak periods. Stansted Airport is growing at an unprecedented rate of 2 million passengers per annum (mppa) and committed developments in the area, in particular in Bishop’s Stortford, will add to this congestion. Local Plans for East Herts and Uttlesford are being progressed, and this junction is key to these plans being found sound.

As part of the discussions around the Uttlesford plan, the issue of M11 J8 was raised. The plan’s success through inquiry will need a clear commitment and delivery of the junction improvement.


The location of the bid is the area around Junction 8 of the M11, including, specifically, the southbound slip from the M11 for traffic accessing the A120, the northbound slip from the M11 for traffic accessing Bishops Stortford / Birchanger Services and the roundabout to the west of the M11 and to the north of the services.

The project includes three schemes involving changes to M11 Junction 8 in order to improve traffic flow across the junction, improve access to Stansted Airport, the Services area and
between the M11 and the A120.

Location 1: South-west of M11 Junction 8 – Add additional approach lane from M11 J8 northbound exit slip onto existing A120 (Birchanger Green Services), Bishop’s Stortford.

Location 2: West of M11 J8 – Replace the existing A120/A1250 roundabout with a multi-arm signalised junction and widen to three lanes the A120 “west link” (both directions) and A120 “east link” (eastbound only).

Location 3: Improved and widened slip between the M11 Southbound slip and A120 East. At the junction with the roundabout, a gantry will be installed spanning the five lanes.

Location 4: Improved and widened two lane entry to B1256 Dunmow Road from roundabout (housing developer S278 funded and constructed).

Funding value: £2.73m
Total Project cost: £9.06m
Return to Capital Investment