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Harlow Library


Approval Status


Fully Approved

Delivery Status


GBF Project Delivered

Project Completion Date


Summer 2022

The scheme will see the relocation of Adult Community Learning from its current site into a refurbished Harlow Library. Harlow Library occupies a prime site in the heart of the town centre and the building is oversized and under occupied, providing a significant opportunity for redevelopment into a modern skill and learning hub for the district. Through development of new visible facilities and alignment with the courses offered by Harlow College and requirements of businesses it is envisaged that the skills levels of residents can be enhanced through courses offering training and skills required by the expanding and relocating employers to Harlow such as Public Health England and Princess Alexandra Hospital.​

Funding Approval

The project was considered by Accountability Board on 20th November 2020 and the decision was made to approve the award of £977,000 GBF funding to this project, subject to the following funding condition being met:

  • Provision of written confirmation that the full funding package is in place by 9th November 2020. If this confirmation is not provided, the GBF funding will be automatically reallocated to the next project on the GBF pipeline.

Written confirmation that the full funding package to support project delivery is in place has been received and therefore this funding condition has been met.

Project Outputs/Outcomes
Construction Jobs 16
Jobs Safeguarded 51
Housing Units Unlocked 33
Businesses Assisted 2
Learners assisted 530
New/improved learning and training floorspace (sq m) 1,700

£85m of investment to East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Southend and Thurrock

The Getting Building Fund focuses on projects that can progress quickly and that will stimulate and better integrate economies in some of the most economically impacted and COVID-affected parts of the South East.

£85m of Getting Building Fund investment has been secured, enabling delivery of 45 projects across East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Southend and Thurrock.

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Funding value: £977,000
Total Project cost: £1,441,250
Return to Capital Investment