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Hailsham, Polegate, Eastbourne Movement and Access Transport scheme

The Hailsham, Polegate, Eastbourne Movement & Access Corridor is one of the most congested hotspots in the Eastbourne and South Wealden area, and with significant levels of planned housing and commercial development coming forward in the near future combined with high levels of predicted traffic growth, this will place increased demand on both the strategic and local highway network. Therefore a package of measures to improve access and movement along the key local corridor connecting Hailsham and Eastbourne is a critical element in supporting sustainable economic growth.

This scheme will maximise the opportunities to improve junction capacity and deliver and enable greater access to high quality integrated sustainable transport infrastructure.

Delivered in 5 phases

The package has been divided into five distinct phases, these are as follows:-

  1.  Willingdon
  2. Kings Drive
  3. Old Town
  4. Polegate
  5. Hailsham

The 5 phases will include a combination of the following measures:-

  1. Bus stop infrastructure and Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI)
  2. Bus lanes, junction improvements and Advance Vehicle Detection infrastructure
  3. Cycling Infrastructure Improvements – Cuckoo Trail – Hailsham – Polegate and
    Polegate – Cross Levels Way, Eastbourne
  4. Walking Infrastructure Improvements – corridor length

The package of measures for this corridor will focus on delivering the key outcomes

  • releasing growth, (including the housing and jobs/commercial space outputs set
    out in sections 2.4 and 3.2),
  • enabling and encouraging inward investment, by the business community in
    the Eastbourne and South Wealden area,
  • reducing congestion,
  • improving journey times and journey comfort,
  • providing a step change in the provision of sustainable transport choices,
    between Hailsham, Polegate and Eastbourne,
  • improving accessibility to jobs, training, education and leisure services, and
  • contributing to local health and wellbeing.
Funding value: £2.1m
Total Project cost: £5.53m
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