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Exceat Bridge replacement and improvements to the A259 corridor, Seaford


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This project will address a long standing and well known bottleneck within the East Sussex road network and will contribute towards economic growth within the area. The project will replace the deteriorating Exceat Road Bridge over the Cuckmere river and will unlock the full capacity of the network to support employment and housing growth. Exceat bridge is part of the A259, one of the principal road networks in East Sussex which serves two of the County’s growth areas for housing and employment: Newhaven and Eastbourne/South Wealden. The A259 is a critical route for economic connectivity from the east of the county, along the East Sussex coast to Brighton and through to West Sussex, including linkage to a key port at Newhaven. The Exceat Bridge is coming to the end of its life and has a number of structural defects and layout issues. Following an options appraisal it has been determined that it would be most beneficial to replace the existing bridge with a new one designed to address these issues and meet the needs of its users. As part of this project there is an identified need to allow for pedestrian and cyclist access from the Exceat Bridge to the Seven Sisters Country Park visitor centre and installation of a signalised crossing. This section of the A259 forms part of the National Cycle Network Route 2 and the England Coastal Path so improving access for pedestrian and cyclists will enhance these routes and encourage greater use. The project will address current constraints including:

  • major congestion due to constrained traffic flow/capacity issues, the impact of which is long queues of traffic in both directions from the bridge;
  • poor access for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • increasing pollution and health inequalities; and
  • long-term network resilience.

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Funding value: £2,110,579
Total Project cost: TBC
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