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Dartford Town Centre Improvements

The ‘Dartford Town Centre Improvements’ project has been provisionally assigned £4.3m as part of this deal based on the following potential scheme components:

  • Market Street – the creation of a civic space linking the High Street with Central Park, the Acacia complex and a mixed use development to the south of the town centre
  • Hythe Street between High Street and Westgate Road – improving pedestrian and cycle space and streetscape alongside a mixed use development opportunity site which links the High Street with bus and rail services and Prospect Place shopping complex
  • Junction improvements re-balancing highway capacity for all users including pedestrians, cyclists, buses and general motorised transport and associated public realm improvements at:
    – Hythe Street, Westgate Road and Home Gardens
    – East Hill, Overy Liberty with Home Gardens
    – Lowfield Street with Instone Road (enabling two way flows on Instone Road)
    – Highfield Road with Instone Road (enabling two way flows on Highfield Road and Instone Road)
    – West Hill with Highfield Road (enabling two way flows on Highfield Road)
Funding value: £4.3m
Total Project cost: £12m
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