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Colchester Broadband Infrastructure

A project to deliver Next Generation Access (NGA) fixed wireless broadband (24 Mbps and above, scaling to 1 Gigabyte) to seven key business parks/clusters within Colchester accommodating 482 businesses and 8,196 employees.

The project will address “market failures” and business needs for reliable, high speed and symmetric broadband connectivity which is not available currently from BT’s FTTC programme (branded as “Superfast Essex” in Greater Essex) and which will be more competitive than other operators in the market, so reducing business overhead costs for uncontended higher bandwidth services required by current and emerging enterprise needs and for telephony services.

In short, the Project will deliver a “business class” broadband offering – resilient broadband speeds, enhanced coverage – and introduce a competitive technology into an otherwise fixed line-dominated and over-priced marketplace.

Funding value: £0.2m
Total Project cost: £0.529m
Return to Capital Investment