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Better Opportunities: Brighter Futures

Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) are assisting individuals who have difficulties sustaining support with specialist, in depth assessments, career advice and guidance to overcome barriers which may impact on sustainability of employment, such as mental health conditions.

This includes in work support to maximise the potential of employment being sustained and working with employers to help them enhance support mechanisms.

ESF Projects

ESF focuses on improving employment opportunities, promoting social inclusion and investing in skills by providing the help people need to fulfil their potential.

So far over £50 million has been invested in a range of programmes and projects to help people in the South East LEP area onto the escalator of opportunity and improve their lives.

We are also working with partners from across the area to prioritize future areas for investment for the remaining £20+ million pounds. These tenders will be advertised in the website in the first half of 2018 and you can find the latest information here on the SELEP homepage.

Escalator of Opportunity

The ‘Escalator of Opportunity’ describes SELEP’s European Social Fund investment in skills and social inclusion projects. A participant can move along the escalator all the way from long term unemployment to in work training into higher level skills.

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