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A131 Braintree to Sudbury


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Spring 2021

A transport package with safety and highways improvements to key junctions along the A131 corridor, together with enhancements to cycling and pedestrian crossing provision.

The purpose of this bid is to deliver a package of schemes to improve safety and reduce delays along the A131 corridor from Braintree to the Suffolk border, just south of Sudbury.

The A131 is the primary route from Braintree, through Halstead, to Sudbury. The route covers 13.5 miles (21.6 km), along which there is one roundabout, three mini roundabouts, a signalised junction, two zebra crossings and one signalised pedestrian crossing.

Braintree is undergoing significant growth and there is the potential for exponential growth with the adoption of a new garden community to the west of Braintree. The A131, leaving the north of Braintree, also provides an essential commercial link, via the A1017, on to the A14 and the M11.

Similarly, there are significant growth plans for Sudbury, which, together with developments in Halstead (the main town) halfway between the two destinations, will put increased pressure on the capacity and performance of this corridor.

List of options:

  • Marks Farm – widening of all four entry flares, introduction of a left turn slip from the A120 heading south and general improvements to the roundabout;
  • Broad Road – improving entry flare from Broad Road and realignment to improve traffic flow;
  • High Garrett junction with A1017 – major improvements to layout, changes to signals, relocated and improved crossings and pedestrian facilities; and
  • Plaistow Green and Bulmer Tye – safety improvements, including improved signage and non-slip surfacing.

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The deal and brings new responsibilities and flexibilities and is set to attract a further £960 million extra investment into the South East over the five years.

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Funding value: £1.8m
Total Project cost: £3.6m
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