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Coastal Communities Economic Prospectus – Boosting Coastal Productivity

The Coastal Communities Economic Prospectus, titled ‘Boosting Coastal Productivity’, was produced by a coastal partnership of 15 local authorities across Essex, Kent and East Sussex and the South East Local Enterprise Partnership. This Prospectus is one of a kind because of this strong, proactive partnership and its development of a case for sustained coastal investment.

Coastal Communities Economic Prospectus

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Coastal Communities Economic Prospectus – Data Pack​

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Our superb coastline already offers a fantastic environment and lifestyle for many, with great weather, endless cultural opportunities, cheaper housing and close links to London and Europe. However, there are gaps in performance when compared with our inland neighbours. Coastal challenges are now on the national agenda as well as the government’s ambitions to ‘level up’ communities.

The economic productivity of our coast is 8% behind the region; its average measure of economic output is £17,840 per head  – Hastings is £17,763. This compares with areas thought of as being very poor and requiring investment, such as Middlesbrough (£18,540), Cornwall (£17,634) and Blackpool (£17,329).

The coastal prospectus calls for similar investment on the South East coast; to stimulate growth and level up coastal towns, where huge development and investment opportunities clearly exist.

It brings together common issues and opportunities which will enable our poorest towns to break the cycle of deprivation and exclusion they have historically faced and improve their economic performance to bridge the gap that exists to the rest of the region.

It sets out our ambitions and key priorities to improve the coastal economy aligned with national and regional agendas, in areas such as energy, skills, housing, infrastructure and digital connectivity.

Coastal towns have enormous potential for growth; this prospectus articulates these, the support we need from Government and identifies how the coast can make a greater contribution to UK PLC.