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Government backs South East LEP vision to create the most enterprising economy in England

The South East Local Enterprise Partnership’s progress against its vision to create the most enterprising economy in England received the Government’s backing last night (Monday).

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, has praised the steps the South East LEP is taking to boost economic growth and create jobs across East Sussex, Essex and Kent.

Speaking at a special event in Portcullis House, London, he also recognised the key role the LEP plays in supporting the national economy and as a gateway for businesses to both the rest of the country and Europe.

Mr Pickles said: “Putting power into the hands of local people is the right way to unlock the growth this country needs. At this crucial moment in our recovery, the South East Local Enterprise Partnership is poised to put extra fuel in the tank of one of the key motors of our economy.”

“This corner of England remains utterly crucial and the partnership’s clear focus is going to lead to rapid practical action that will make a major contribution.”

“Now it is time for the strategy to come off the page and come to life. The two Enterprise Zones and £32m of Growing Places Fund we have put in the areas hands means I have absolute confidence that this Partnership has the local leadership to do what it takes to get its economy firing on all cylinders”.

Launch of the South East LEP

The event was to launch the South East LEP vision to stimulate growth across its area to MPs, businesses and a host of influential organisations.

It also highlighted the success South East LEP has achieved so far including securing Enterprise Zones in Harlow, Essex, and Sandwich, Kent.

Chairman of the South East LEP, John Spence, said: “The area the South East LEP represents is already one of the most enterprising economies in the country putting £55 billion a year into the national economy.

“Nevertheless we are working to create an even more creative and enterprise focussed economy. This will be underpinned with some short term deliverables around skills, transport improvements, stimulating growth and superfast broadband.”

“We will also be working to ensure that businesses in the rest of the UK, Europe and beyond recognise the South East LEP area as a place to come and do business”

South East LEP vision

Under the South East LEP vision established and new businesses across the area will create between 250,000 and 300,000 new jobs. The regeneration of the Thames Gateway will be largely completed and the coastal and rural communities in the South East LEP area will aim to match the prosperity of our small cities and market towns. deprived areas will be supported to towards becoming thriving communities Gross Value Added (GVA) per head will exceed that for the south east as a whole and unemployment will be well below the average other prosperous European regions. The workforce across the South East LEP area will be known for its ‘can do’ and entrepreneurial attitude; offering skills and talents which compete with the best in Europe universities in the area will be global businesses in their own right, not only attracting high calibre ‘learners’ to the UK, but exporting intellectual excellence across the world. every community across the South East LEP area will be served by super‐fast (100 mbps or greater) broadband networks. there will be a steady flow of public and private investment in strategic infrastructure, including improvements in road and rail networks, sea ports and airports to ensure that businesses benefit from even better connections to key global markets. Ends

The South East Local Enterprise Partnership is a partnership involving leaders from business, local government, and further and highSELEP Strategic Board Meeting Agenda Pack 280918er education which is working towards creating the most enterprising economy in England. It covers East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Southend, and Thurrock.

Date – September 2018