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Brand Ambassadors

Welcome to South East LEP Brand Ambassador Programme.

Through this programme we want to use the scale and breadth of our network to maximise the impact of our message.

The aim of the programme is for all individuals involved in the work of the Partnership, at all levels, to use their professional networks to increase the reach and impact of SELEP’s communications activity by educating audiences on the work of SELEP, and positively influencing views of SELEP.

A simple route through which we can share news stories and information directly within the partnership. We will:

  • contact ambassador groups to let them know when communications are published; and
  • provide headlines, links and advice on how to share this further.

To make this work we ask you to:

Promote the LEP and your involvement through social media channels and your profiles, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as engage with the LEP’s communications activities through other online mediums such as the website and e-newsletter.

Social Media

  • Connect with the SELEP LinkedIn and Twitter accounts: @southeastlep
  • Be active in engaging with content published by the LEP by liking and commenting, as well as sharing to wider networks to increase exposure
  • Follow SELEP’s LinkedIn Company Page and Twitter account, as well as connect with SELEP’s LinkedIn Profile
  • Board members are also asked to include information regarding their involvement in the LEP on their own social media profiles

Direct Mail and Newsletters

Press Notices

  • Keep up to date with the LEP’s press releases, which detail its activities. The Brand Ambassador programme will ensure these are shared with the network when they are released. They are also all available through the News section on the SELEP website

Download the Brand Ambassador Programme pack

The SELEP Brand Ambassador Programme pack includes:

– Engagement Strategy and Social Media Tips
– Informational One Pager
– Example Email to Brand Ambassadors
– SELEP Communications Strategy and Protocols 2020
– Statement of Intent: South East Economy 2021 – Road to Recovery
– Branding Guidelines: Getting Building Fund
– Branding Guidelines: Local Growth Fund


What is in it for you?

  • To hear about the successful projects across the LEP area, to learn about the work of the LEP and great examples of good practice;
  • To be informed about schemes, events, funding which can be helpful to businesses in your community and across the South East;
  • To kept up to date with other developments which will support growth across the South East; and
  • To support the work of the LEP.