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Accelerating housing delivery is a key ambition in the South East Strategic Economic Plan, with a commitment to accelerate housing delivery by an additional 100,000 homes by 2021.

SELEP is the first LEP nationally to be awarded Housing Business Ready status by the Housing and Finance Institute (HFi). With strong District, Unitary and County councils in the SELEP area, our aim is to add value to the excellent work already underway to deliver new housing.


SELEP aims to:

  • Bring together all parties (HFi, HCA, councils, developers, finance, utilities) involved to drive development forward, Working together with HFi, local councils, the HCA and developers to promote housing growth, assembling evidence, identifying obstacles and finding solutions
  • Support Growth Ambitions SELEP provide support and advocacy to areas with ambitious growth plans including Ebbsfleet Garden City, North Essex Garden Settlement and Otterpool Park
  • Encourage and support councils to bring forward their local plans Embarking on a series of SELEP sponsored Housing Business Ready visits with housing and planning authorities to highlight the contribution that the local planning process can play in promoting accelerated housing delivery
  • Review the performance of utility companies – Working collaboratively with HFi, Kent Developers Group, Kent County Council, Developers East Sussex, TGSE Developers Forum and other interested parties to gather evidence of performance and taking action in liaison with Government and regulators to ensure utility companies help – not hinder – local growth
  • Promote best practice – Supporting events and meetings to share best practice and information sharing to support all to the standard of the best, this has helped in widening opportunity for joint working with business through new Developers
  • Look across LEP boundaries – Looking at the plans and proposals of neighbouring LEPs and their impact in preparing for accelerated growth
  • Promote the Delivery of Star 

    ter Homes – SELEP is working in partnership with the HCA to raise awareness of the opportunities provided by Starter Homes to increase housing delivery. SELEP will support delivery of the Governments priority to build 200,000 Starter Homes by 2020, as an important new component of the SELEP ambition to accelerate housing delivery by an additional 100,000 homes by 2021.

Housing goals

We are also committed to delivering significant housing in our area, supporting the Government in reaching its ambition for an additional 1 million homes across the nation by 2020.

Working alongside the Housing & Finance Institute (HFi), we have supported the roll out of the Housing Business Ready programme across different parts of SELEP; and have earned ourselves the accolade of being the first ‘Housing Business Ready LEP’ as a result of the depth of our engagement and the way in which we have been able to connect with our district and boroughs. We are broadening the scope of this work to include a fresh approach to mapping of utilities provision in housing development areas.

Increased housing completions

We’re building on success: housing completions in 14/15 put us in the top seven areas nationally. That momentum remains. The SELEP area has seen housing starts rise from 6,620 in 2012/13 to 10,410 in 2015/16, a 57% increase.

Over the same period, London starts grew only 19%. Housing completions spiked from 7,230 in 2013/14 to 10,600 in 2015/16, a 47% increase in completions. That momentum remains. Beyond the delivery of housing it is important that we recognise that the community we live in will shape the economic potential of an area.

The needs of our communities

Our communities are growing, changing and becoming more culturally diverse at a faster pace than during previous generations. Our communities need to be able to adapt to social, economic and environmental changes whilst retaining a sense of place and belonging.

Housing and Development Group Terms of Reference