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Good Governance

Open and Transparent

We are committed to being open and transparent in the way we work, the way we structure our accountability and in how we make decisions to ensure that anyone can easily understand what we do.

Published Information

Assurance Statement 2021

Executive Decisions Log

Expenses and Hospitality Log

Programme Consideration Meeting Terms of Reference

Succession Planning

Please see the latest AGM event under “Meeting and Minutes” for the Annual Report.

Assurance Framework

The SELEP Assurance Framework is the governance required by Government that details how we will manage the funding we have been given. The purpose of the Assurance Framework is to set out the systems and processes in place that are necessary to manage the delegated funding from Central Government Budgets effectively.

Diversity statement

We recognise and value diversity across SELEP. SELEP is totally committed to increasing diversity of its Board and other decision making panels. SELEP and its federated boards will work tirelessly towards increasing representation on the Strategic Board and at sub Board level. The actions SELEP will take, include:


SELEP will produce a job specification for Board Members. This will be one of our actions to extend the pool of candidates attracted and pro-actively reached out to during the recruitment process. This job specification will define measurable skills, experience, knowledge and personal capabilities required for the role. This will be applied through a rigorous recruitment process shared with federated boards. SELEP will ensure that objective selection processes are in place for all Board appointments, with applications assessed against the criteria in the job specification. We will build on the excellent examples from the process for appointing the current SELEP Chair in 2016, and Board Members to the Team East Sussex Federated Board in September 2018.

Senior level scrutiny

There will be full accountability at Board level for the diversity targets set, with regular reporting against them and the actions being taken a standing agenda item for the Strategic Board.

Widening representation and building a talent pipeline

SELEP will harness the power of existing networks and reach out to create new networks – to identify the next generation of Board members. These networks will focus on sharing good practice, understanding barriers and identifying solutions to these and championing the business benefit of diverse Board members. We will work through our growth hubs, working groups and extended partnership to widen the pool of businesses interested in and enthused about how they can bring their skills to the LEP agenda.

Our Policies

We have a number of policies (including the Terms of Reference for SELEP and all boards/working groups) that support the work of the South East LEP and its boards to ensure fairness and transparency. View all of our policies here

Delegated Responsibilities of the CEO

The CEO has delegated responsibility to approve up to £1m of expenditure/income within the Accountability Board approved budget. Any grants awarded as part of the Sector Support Fund (SSF) require Board endorsement in advance.

Register of Interests

We maintain a Register of Interests for all members of Strategic, Accountability and Federated Boards. This includes all company directorships, trusteeships, elected offices, remunerated posts and other relevant interests. These can be found on the relevant Board’s page: Strategic Board Accountability Board Federated Boards Our policy around conflicts of interest can be found within the SELEP Terms of Reference.

Meetings of the Strategic Board

Meetings of the Board are open to the press and public as observers, with the exception of any items that should be treated confidentially for commercial or other reasons. Filming or recording of proceedings should be agreed in advance with the SELEP team. The number of observers may be limited at the discretion of the Chair. Details of current, upcoming or previous meetings can be found here.

Public Questions to the Accountability Board

View our policy for public questions to the Accountability Board.

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