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Clean Growth Working Group

Clean growth, to reduce carbon emissions whilst enabling economic growth, is the primary driver for our South2East Local Energy Strategy (produced together with Coast to Capital and Enterprise M3 LEPs) and is a cross-cutting theme in SELEP’s emerging Local Industrial Strategy (which is currently on hold while we consider and respond to the unprecedented economic challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic).

This demonstrates the step change required across industry, business and society, to successfully respond to the Government’s Industrial Strategy Clean Growth Grand Challenge and meet the ambitious Climate Change Act 2050 net-zero target for greenhouse gas emissions.

The South East Local Enterprise Partnership is well-placed to help coordinate and galvanise clean growth across the region, building on the South2East Local Energy Strategy 2019 and delivering against SELEP’s Local Industrial Strategy policy themes and actions across all five foundations of productivity.

South2East Local Energy Strategy

Over the next 30 years, our energy systems will need to rapidly evolve to enable us to decarbonise and take advantage of new technologies such as electric vehicles. SELEP worked with Coast to Capital and Enterprise M3 to create an Energy Strategy for the South East, an area spanning all the way from Harwich to Winchester.​

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Local Industrial Strategy

Follow the link below for further information on SELEP’s Local Industrial Strategy.

Note: The publication and implementation of the SELEP LIS is on hold while we consider and respond to the economic challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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