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The SELEP Assurance Framework is the governance required by Government that details how we will manage the funding we have been given. The purpose of the Assurance Framework is to set out the systems and processes in place that are necessary to manage the delegated funding from Central Government Budgets effectively.

It is intended to provide Government and Partners with the assurance that decisions over funding are proper, transparent and deliver value for money. This Assurance Framework reflects the expectations of Government as set out in the National Assurance Framework published October 2016 and the LEP Governance and Transparency Best Practice Guidance, published in January 2018.

SELEP’s Assurance Framework

The South East LEP Strategic Board were presented with a draft revised Assurance Framework at their December 2017 board meeting. This draft was agreed in February 2018. A revised version of the February 2018 Assurance Framework was agreed on 22nd March 2019, to reflect changes in guidance (the National Local Growth Assurance Framework published in January 2019).

The Assurance Framework is supported by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with local county/unitary councils to devolve project funding and accountability. These agreements are agreed individually between the Accountable Body and the individual councils for each project.

SELEP Assurance Framework
Assurance Framework report to Strategic Board 2018

Context for the Assurance Framework is provided in the downloadable paper sent to the Strategic Board (via electronic procedure).