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Funding available for growth projects in the South East

Promoters of projects across East Sussex, Essex, Kent and Medway, Thurrock and Southend are being invited to apply for a share of more than £8million of Government funding being made available via the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP).

A total of £570m Local Growth Funding (LGF) has been secured by SELEP from Central Government through the three rounds of LGF to date, which was allocated through a six-year Growth Deal (from 1st April 2015 to the 31st March 2021).

So far, £561.6million has been allocated to 97 projects across the South East, leaving £8.3million available.

Call for new projects

To maximise the investment potential to the end of the Growth Deal period, SELEP is establishing a pipeline of priority projects, initially intended to identify short-term priorities for any unallocated LGF funding or LGF underspends which may become available.

SELEP, the business-led organisation that champions the economic growth of East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Thurrock and Southend, has issued an open call for short term projects which support its strategic objectives, and which will see the £8.3million of capital grant funding currently available spent by March 2021.

Project criteria

Projects must meet strict criteria to make a successful bid for funding. They must:

  • align with SELEP’s objectives to support economic growth
  • seek between £250,000 and £8million in capital investment
  • be able to be delivered in line with legal requirements on the use of public funds
  • spend the capital investment by 31st March 2021
  • be deliverable and will realise benefits such as delivering jobs, homes, skills, etc
  • demonstrate high value for money
  • have secured some element of additional funding from other sources
  • have evidence of public support, and be supported by SELEP Federated Boards and by a relevant County or Unitary authority in the SELEP area
  • show there is a strong rationale for public sector funding
  • show the project has a comprehensive risk register and risk management in place

Examples of LGF funded projects

Strood Waterfront Flood mitigation

A recent example of an LGF funded project in Kent and Medway is Strood Waterfront, where £3.5million is being spent on flood defence works ahead of the regeneration of the former Civic Centre and Strood Riverside sites, which will include 1,000 new homes, new businesses and public spaces.

Chelmsford City Growth Area Scheme

A recent example of an LGF funded project in Essex is the Chelmsford City Growth Area Scheme, where £10million is going towards a series of 16 highways network improvements designed to support the city’s significant growth.

East Sussex Strategic Growth Package

A recent example of an LGF funded project in East Sussex is the East Sussex Strategic Growth Package, where £8.2 million is being invested in the delivery of new employment floorspace at three locations – Bexhill Enterprise Park, Sovereign Harbour Innovation Park and South Wealden – to provide high quality employment spaces to grow existing businesses and attract new ones to the area.

Christian Brodie, Chair of SELEP said: “Our area is seeing growth on a significant scale and we must ensure we have the homes, jobs and infrastructure in place to support that. “As a LEP, we have been very successful in securing LGF funds and our aim is to ensure that money is used effectively and produces tangible results. Initially we are looking for projects to pick up unallocated funding and any that becomes available from underspend on current works.”


Applications will be evaluated through a three-stage process:

Expressions of Interest > Scheme prioritisation > SELEP Accountability Board funding decision

Interested applicants should refer to the guidance note and complete the Expression of Interest Form, available here

Get in touch

Anyone interested in discussing a proposal or looking for additional advice should contact their local Federated Board:

Kent & Medway Economic Partnership
Sarah Nurden –

Essex Business Board
Dawn Redpath –

South Essex (Thurrock and Southend), Opportunity South Essex
Ian Lewis –

Team East Sussex
Dave Evans –

Closing date for Expressions of Interest

Closing date for Expressions of Interest is 5.30pm on Friday, August 31st.

Find out more

Find out more about this open call for projects here