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COVID-19 Recovery Funds Programme: Case Studies

COVID-19 Recovery Funds Programme: Case Studies

A selection of case studies from SELEP’s COVID-19 Recovery Funds programme, which includes the Skills COVID-19 Recovery Fund and the COVID-19 Business Support Fund.

SELEP’s COVID-19 Recovery Funds Programme is a £4.4m programme of support in the areas of business support and skills. It was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, designed to support the recovery of the economy in 2021, investing directly in those areas across the South East most affected by the pandemic, and providing businesses with the tools they need to build back stronger.

Find out more about SELEP’s COVID-19 Recovery Funds Programme here.

SELEP Skills COVID-19 Recovery Fund

Shaw Trust – SELEP Covid Recovery Academy

Tech Talent Academy – SELEP Digital Skills Programme

SELEP COVID-19 Business Support Fund

WSX Enterprise – Starting and Succeeding in Business and Adapting With Digital