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Our Strategic board

Our strategic board is made up of high profile leaders and is chaired by Christian Brodie. Christian is supported by three vice chairs drawn from the business community, one for each of the local areas; Essex, Southend & Thurrock, Kent & Medway, and East Sussex.

The Strategic Board, supported by the SELEP team, is responsible for:

  1. Setting the vision, strategic direction and priorities of the LEP overall
  2. Ensuring the development and maintenance of the Strategic Economic Plan and for determining its key funding priorities
  3. Ensuring that that adequate capacity and expertise is maintained to
    deliver against 2.
  4. Considering and agreeing a position on major items of strategic
  5. Publishing arrangements for developing, prioritising, appraising and
    approving projects with a view to ensuring that a wide range of
    delivery partners can be involved
  6. Development and approval of a Skills Strategy for the area
  7. Approval of European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF) strategy
  8. Deciding how the activities of the LEP should be delegated
  9. Championing the LEP and the LEP area in all other forums
  10. Supporting pan-LEP activity undertaken by the working groups
  11. Working closely with federal boards to oversee Growth Hub, Enterprise
    Zone and City Deal activities
  12. Endorsing local areas’ efforts to advance projects for economic growth
    which may not be directly linked to the LEP.

Strategic board membership

The Strategic Board is made up of 28 members selected by their local private/public sector partnerships or their representative bodies and at least 50% of the members are required to be from the private sector.

Strategic board members, the organisations they represent and their Register of Interests (ROI) documentation
Chair & SME Representative
Christian Brodie SELEP Private Sector Chair ROI 2018/19
East Sussex Members
Graham Peters DL Vice Chair & East Sussex SME Commission and East Sussex Rural Partnersip ROI 2018/19
Clive Soper Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) ROI 2018/19
Ana Christie Sussex Chamber of Commerce ROI 2018/19
Cllr Keith Glazier East Sussex County Council ROI 2018/19
Cllr Rupert Simmons East Sussex County Council (occasional substitute for Cllr Glazier) ROI 2018/19
Cllr David Elkin East Sussex County Council (occasional substitute for Cllr Glazier) ROI 2018/19
Cllr Peter Chowney Hastings Borough Council ROI 2018/19
Cllr David Tutt Eastbourne Borough Council ROI 2018/19
Essex, Southend-On-Sea and Thurrock Members
George Kieffer Vice Chair & Haven Gateway Partnership ROI 2018/19
David Burch Essex Chambers of Commerce ROI 2018/19
Andrew Campling British Telecommunications Plc (occasional substitute for David Burch) ROI 2018/19
David Rayner Birkett Long LLP & Heart of Essex Business ROI 2018/19
Colette Bailey Metal ROI 2018/19
Perry Glading Glading Consultancy Limited ROI 2018/19
Cllr Kevin Bentley Essex County Council ROI 2018/19
Cllr John Lamb Southend-On-Sea Council ROI 2018/19
Cllr Rob Gledhill Thurrock Council ROI 2018/19
Cllr Graham Butland Braintree District Council / Essex Local Authorities ROI 2018/19
Cllr Chris Whitbread Epping Forest District Council / Essex Local Authorities ROI 2018/19
Kent & Medway Members
Higher Education & Further Education/Skills Representatives
Social Enterprise
Penny Shimmin Sussex Community Development Association ROI 2018/19

Delegation of good governance

In accordance with Government’s expectations SELEP has designated the
following board members, or members of the SELEP team, responsibilities
pertaining to the good governance of Government funding:

  • Maximising the LEP’s connections with SMEs across the area – Chair
  • Ensuring that the LEP’s investments represent value for money – Chair of the Accountability Board
  • Ensuring that business cases are subject to scrutiny – Chair of the Accountability Board
  • Identification and management of risk of all the projects supported by the LEP’s programme – Chair of the Accountability Board


Strategic Board membership is made up of the South East LEP’s Federated Boards. All Federated Boards recruit in an open and transparent manner and in line with the requirements set out in the Assurance Framework.

All boards ensure positions are open to all businesses within the area and membership is reviewed every two years. Federated Boards have responsibility to ensure the membership of the Board is in line with the diverse businesses community in their areas and that this diversity is fed up to the Strategic Board membership.