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Investment Panel

The Investment Panel has responsibility for the prioritisation of projects following an approach agreed by the SELEP Strategic Board.

The Panel’s role is to make appropriate recommendations to the Accountability Board or the Strategic Board as appropriate. The Panel is responsible for:

    • Reviewing the initial list of projects put forward for investment by each of the Federated Boards and which have been through an initial independent review process;
    • Conducting a prioritisation process of those projects requiring investment based on an approach agreed by the Strategic Board and in accordance with the SELEP Assurance Framework; and
    • Making recommendations for the provisional allocation of funding to projects prioritised by the Panel.

The final award of funding is subject to an Accountability Board decision.

Investment Panel Members
Panel members, the organisations they represent and their Register of Interests (ROI) documentation
Member Organisation / Company Representing ROI - please note page being updated
Christian Brodie Chair (& SELEP Chair) SME
Cllr Keith Glazier East Sussex County Council East Sussex – Local Authority
Cllr Kevin Bentley Essex County Council Essex – Local Authority
Cllr Paul Carter Kent County Council Kent – Local Authority ROI 2018
Cllr Rodney Chambers Medway Council Medway – Local Authority ROI 2018
Cllr John Lamb Southend Council South Essex – Local Authority
Cllr Rob Gledhill Thurrock Council South Essex – Local Authority
Graham Peters Team East Sussex East Sussex - Business
Clive Soper Federation of Small Business East Sussex - Business
David Rayner Birkett Long Essex – Business
Perry Glading Opportunity South Essex South Essex – Business
Jo James Kent Chambers of Commerce Kent and Medway – Business ROI 2018
Geoff Miles Maidstone Studios Kent and Medway - Business
Graham Razey East Kent College Further Education ROI 2018
Anthony Forster University of Essex Higher Education
Investment Panel Terms of Reference