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The LEP operates on the principle of subsidiarity. This means that decisions should be taken at the practical level closest to the communities and businesses affected by those decisions.

The LEP’s ‘federal’ model of operation provides a clear structure for this approach. This allows for local decision making around individual projects and for decision-making of a more crosscutting nature at the LEP Strategic Board.

We work with and are supported by:

  • The Essex Business Board
  • Kent and Medway Economic Partnership
  • Opportunity South Essex
  • Team East Sussex.


  • Ensure that the SELEP Managing Director is informed of all meetings and that the SELEP team is given the opportunity to attend
  • Work with the incumbent Vice Chair to provide the SELEP Team with clear and updated nominations for membership of the Strategic Board
  • Finalise local priorities and/or a vision for the federal area which is in line with the LEP’s Strategic Economic Plan and the LEP’s approach to project prioritisation
  • Coordinate reports as required to the LEP Strategic and Accountability Boards and monitor and report on all LEP investments in the area
  • Champion the work of the LEP to local communities
  • Ensure the transparency and accountability of decisions and recommendations made at local level
  • Enable collective engagement with all local authority leaders within the Federal Area to ensure that there is a clear mandate for decision making on growth priorities and supporting collaboration and joint delivery at executive level
  • Ensure on-going local engagement with public and private sector partners to inform key decisions and set out how they will evidence effective engagement
  • Ensure that there is local engagement with and feedback to the general public about future strategy development and progress against delivery of the SEP (Strategic Economic Plan), including key projects and spend against those projects and that this can be evidenced
  • Work with the LEP to publish arrangements for developing, prioritising, appraising and approving projects, with a view to ensuring that a wide range of delivery partners can be involved


Our Federated boards (section being updated)
Essex Business Board Show

Contact: Dawn Redpath – dawn.redpath@essex.gov.uk

Website: The Essex Business Board (EBB) publish all meeting information on the SELEP website. Please go to the calendar and filter results for  ‘Essex Business Board’ meetings.

Essex Business Board terms of reference
Opportunities South Essex Show

Ian Lewis – ilewis@castlepoint.gov.uk

Website: Opportunity South Essex (OSE) publish all meeting information on the SELEP website. Please go to the calendar and filter results for  OSE meetings.

Opportunities South Essex terms of reference
KMEP - Registers of Interest (ROI)
Andrew Metcalf Show
David Jukes Show
David Turner Show
Douglas Horner Show
Jane Ollis Show
Jo James Show
Paul Carter Show
Paul Thomas Show
Paul Barret Show

Chairman & Managing Director, Canterbury 4 Business & Barretts Motor Group

Peter Fleming Show
Rodney Chambers Show
Simon Cook Show
Gavin Cleary Show
Sarah Dance Show
Richard Finn Show
Nick Fenton Show
Jon Regan Show
Paul Winter Show
Geoff Miles Show

Maidstone Studios

James Beatton Show

Partner, Cripps LLP

Miranda Chapman Show
Gary Clarkson Show
Jeremy Kite Show
Keith Morris Show
David Monk Show
Martin Cox Show
Andrew Bowles Show
Bob Bayford Show
Nicolas Heslop Show
Martin Cox Show
Gerry Clarkson Show