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What is the South East Local Enterprise Partnership? Show

The South East Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is one of 38 LEP’s across the country. It was formed in 2011 and is a partnership between businesses, local authorities and the education sector. Its aim is enable economic growth and job creation in the local area. The South East LEP is the largest LEP in the Country, covering: East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Southend and Thurrock.

How is the LEP run? Show

The LEP is run by a board. The board is made up of leaders from businesses, education and local authorities who meet quarterly, information on board meetings can be found here. Find out about who sits on the board here.

The LEP operates a federated model of operation, offering local and relevant input to all decisions made by the South East LEP. The federated model is supported by: the Essex Business Board, Kent and Medway Economic Partnership, Opportunity South Essex and Team East Sussex.

We publish Declarations of Interest for each board member which are reviewed annually. Declarations of Interests are announced and recorded in the minutes of the quarterly Strategic Board Meetings. All declarations are managed in line with the Terms of Reference and Conflicts of Interest policy.

The South East LEP’s decision making panel, the Accountability Board, is made up of members across the lead Local Authorities within the South East LEP area, forming a Joint Committee structure.

The South East LEP is an informal partnership, with no legal status and as such enters into contracts through a local authority partner, this role has been undertaken by Essex County Council.

What happens when there is a Conflict of Interest? Show

Each Strategic Board member and their alternate are required to annually update their declarations of interest. Within each Strategic Board meeting, any conflicts of interests are declared when the meeting opens, should an agenda item conflict with a Strategic Board member or alternate they are required to abstain from discussions and voting. Further information on SELEP’s Register of Interest Policy can be found here.

How does the LEP make decisions about what to fund? Show

The South East LEP’s federated model enables projects of local importance to be prioritised and designated as a priority. Funding sought for through the LEP is done through a competitive process.

There have been three rounds of Local Growth Funding, which funds selected projects up to 2021. £590.85 million of funding has been awarded to the South East LEP which will support the delivery of:

  • 78,000 jobs by 2021
  • 29,000 new homes by 2021

All funding opportunities have individual criteria and each application is assessed against this. Assessment of projects is undertaken by the Independent Technical Evaluator, Steer Davies Gleeve. All assessments are made in line with the Government’s Green Paper. Where funding opportunities are being made on a smaller scale, through LEP funds, a funding panel will approve funding through a competitive process.

For further information on specific funding, email hello@southeastlep.com

I want to ask a public question, how can I do this? Show

Public questions can be asked at the South East LEP’s Accountability Board Meetings. All questions a member of the public wishes to ask must be sent to hello@southeastlep.com by no later than 10:30am, seven days before the meeting.

For further information on SELEP’s policy for public questions to the Accountability Board please look here.

I’m a local business – how can I get involved? Show

If you would like to be involved with the South East LEP initially you should contact your local federated area, each area has individual recruitment processes. There are a number of South East LEP working groups that may also be of interest.

If you would like support to start or grow a business the South East LEP offers free and impartial support to businesses via the telephone, email and face to face. Get in touch with your local Growth Hub to find out more.

What do I do if I have a complaint? Show

If you have a complaint to make to the South East LEP these should be sent to hello@southeastlep.com. We will be in contact within 10 clear working days to acknowledge the complaint and responded within 28 clear working days. Further information can be found here.

Please see also our Confidential Reporting of Complaints Policy.