Colchester LSTF

The purpose of the Colchester LSTF (Local Sustainable Transport Fund) package of measures is to significantly upgrade sustainable travel infrastructure and improve the connectivity of key attractors in the North Colchester growth area.

A key aim is also to ensure that the cycle culture developed through the Colchester Cycling Town project continues to gain momentum and influence travel behaviour for local trips within Colchester.

The objectives of this scheme are:

  • To Support housing and job growth
  • Promotion of cycling, which will help to alleviate traffic congestion in North Colchester
  • To improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions

The package will provide improved pedestrian and cycling facilities on Mile End Road which is a key connector for pedestrians travelling to/from the North Growth Area Urban Extension, which will provide 2,200 homes together with community facilities.

The improved facilities will connect new housing with the town centre and Colchester Station, which connects Colchester to London, Ipswich, and the City of Chelmsford.

The cycleway improvements included in the package were originally identified within the North Colchester Travel Strategy document, which reviewed a number of key factors, such as developments, leisure and work attractors, and modelled congestion for junctions once future developments were in place.